Adding products - A seller guide

In the dynamic world of House Of Coin’s online marketplace, sellers play a pivotal role in shaping a positive shopping experience for buyers. To ensure a seamless transaction process and prevent potential disputes, it's essential for sellers to adhere to a set of guidelines when adding products to their online store.


Clear Store Policies:

Before introducing products to the virtual shelves, sellers should take a moment to craft a well-outlined store policy. This not only sets expectations for buyers but also serves as a proactive measure to avoid conflicts down the line. Ensuring clarity on the seller store page is a fundamental step towards building trust with customers.


Optimizing Product Listings for Sorting and Filtering:

For products to appear and function effectively within our sorting and filtering algorithms, sellers need to tailor their listings based on the specific characteristics of each item.


Here's a guideline breakdown for different types of collectibles:

Numismatic/Philatelic Items:

  • Include the country of issue in the product title.
  • Add the word "commemorative" to the title for items that hold a special commemorative significance.


  • Clearly state the stamp's condition (MNH, MH, or Used) in the product title.


Incorporate the words "proof" or "specimen" in the product title for coins with a proof or specimen strike.

Specify "gold" or "silver" in the title for coins with respective metal compositions.


  • Indicate if the banknote is a proof, specimen, color trial, test note, vignette, etc., in the product title if it deviates from standard circulation issues.
  • Highlight any fancy serial numbers by specifying the category, such as "solid."


By following these guidelines, sellers contribute to an enriched marketplace experience on House Of Coin. These practices not only facilitate smoother transactions but also reinforce the trust and satisfaction of both buyers and sellers in the vibrant world of House Of Coin

How to Add Products