Sell with us

Whether you want to make some extra cash, clear out unwanted items from your collections, or even start a business, House Of Coin is the best place to start selling online.

Selling with us is easy, and has it’s many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • 10% sales commission
  • 1000+ potential customers
  • Unlimited amount of products to be added, for free
  • An average time of one minute to add each product
  • Custom store link for every seller (ex:
  • Integrated notification system with 25+ different notifications for each stage of order placement & delivery
  • Customers can follow their favorite sellers to get notified upon adding new products to their stores

To apply, kindly visit & fill out the necessary fields.

Note: buyer accounts are different than seller accounts.

All seller applications & product listings are subject to the approval of our administration.