Packing your first order

Successfully selling an item on House Of Coin is just the first step in the process. When engaging in a sale, it's crucial to prioritize proper packaging to safeguard the item from potential damage during transit to the buyer. By following our guidelines, you can enhance the level of customer service, prompting positive feedback, repeat purchases, and recommendations from satisfied customers.

Factors of risk during transportation

Even with the assumption that delivery services will handle your package with care, there remains a potential risk of the contents suffering damage during the transportation phase.

Six factors contributing to secure and safe package delivery:

  1. Dropping: Ensure your package is robust and includes a layer of soft material to absorb any impact.
  2. Compression: Take precautions to prevent your package from being crushed by other items from the top or sides during transport.
  3. Vibration: Vibrations from conveyor belts and moving vehicles can lead to issues such as loosened screws, unplugged components, and damage to soft materials.
  4. Temperature: Fluctuations in temperature due to transportation, climate, and location changes can be detrimental, especially with repeated exposure, causing damage or destruction to items.

Make sure to keep all the above factors into consideration when shipping your collectibles to the buyer. Not adhering to sensible packaging standards might subject you to your buyer filing a case & getting a full refund in case of package getting damaged in transit.

The sequence of steps for packaging

1. Select a container or a box slightly larger than the item.
If the items itself are durable enough, you may use a box of their exact size.

2. Completely fill the empty space with shock-absorbing material.
If packing several large items in the same box, fill the spaces between them as well.

Trying to take shortcuts, a method frequently suggested for fitting small boxes into bags, can result in damage to the item. This damage can lead to customer dissatisfaction and, consequently, incur additional expenses for you.

3. Use transparent, brown, or reinforced packaging tape 5 cm wide. Do not use masking tape, cord, rope, or twine. Tape the lid of the box and reinforce all seams and corners.

4. Then you just need to fill out the address form. Clearly sign the package or box, do not forget the return address. Just in case, enclose your business card with the address, as well as information about the recipient.

To send international parcels outside your country, you need to fill out a customs Declaration. The Declaration specifies the category of shipment, the number and names of items in the parcel, and their value.

Guidelines for Packaging Presentation on House Of Coin

When marketing your items on House Of Coin, you're essentially building your brand. This becomes particularly crucial if you're considering establishing a House Of Coin Store and expanding your business, underscoring the significance of your packaging.

The initial impression of your item, formed through its packaging, plays a pivotal role in whether a customer develops a liking for it. If the packaging aligns with their expectations, there's a substantial likelihood of receiving positive feedback or securing repeat purchases.

A survey conducted by ThePaperWorker, a New York-based company, revealed:

  • 52% of buyers intend to repurchase products from sellers who use premium packaging.
  • Over 90% of customers acknowledge reusing packaging materials.
  • 74% of individuals under the age of 25 share photos of online store product packaging with their friends.
  • About 40% of respondents share pictures of delivered products on social media at least once if they appreciate the packaging design.

While prioritizing an appealing presentation, it's essential to balance profitability. Sometimes, the cost of delivering a perfectly designed parcel may not be justified. The objective is to minimize the risk of product damage, ensuring customer satisfaction without incurring exorbitant shipping costs.

Delivery options

All shipping costs are generally borne by the end customer. For domestic orders within the UAE, merchants are obliged to ship through our contract partner, iFast. This ensures that delivery cost is at its lowest to the end consumers, as the end consumer will end up paying only 20 AED per merchant, as opposed to the market standard of 30 AED.

As for international orders, a FedEx shipping label will be printed for you to attach to the package and hand over to the nearest FedEx branch. For international orders from multiple merchants within the UAE, items will be shipped first to House Of Coin’s headquarters, in which all the items will be consolidated into one shipment and will be fulfilled by House Of Coin. This reduces the shipping cost on the buyer’s end as they’d have to pay for the international shipping fee just once per country, as opposed to once per merchant.